I always ran with underlying pains and thought it was just part of running, it never occurred to me that it might be because of incorrect training. I struggled with Plantar Fasciitis, ITB and also inflammation in my heel. Telani assisted me with a training program that allowed me to recover from all my underlying issues and injuries and I have not had to take any inflammatory medication again. 

In 2019 I suffered a pulmonary embolism and my right lung was severely affected, Telani’s coaching assisted me to start off by building a good foundation yet again and to recover fully. 

In 2021, as with so many other people, I tested positive for Covid. Telani supported me throughout my recovery and knew exactly when and how to push me not to do any harm to body. She never gave up on me and today, close to 7 months later, I am running my PB’s. She is a real inspiration and she walks the talk… she is a professional Sprint Triathlete and seeing her win some of the Sprint Triathlon Event makes me proud to call her my coach. She does not only support me physically but mentally too, and picks me up on days when I am at my lowest which helps me to be better than the person I was yesterday.

Yolandi van den Bergh (Midstream)

Hello Coach Telani , This is Shri Krishnan , Indian Triathlete.

I just wanted to let you know how I am doing in last 3 quarter of your training I have opted TRIFIT coaching from April'21 for the sport Triathlon. I have appeared 3 triathlon events under your guidance, in which 2 podiums positions been secured from Sprint Distance and Half Iron distance category during Sept'21..

Later my focus shifted to Running events during Feb'22, hence the training block has started from Oct'21. I am happy that am able to achieve 5km race in 18:30 mins and Half Marathon distance in 01:27:20 hrs 

 Its so unfortunate that we have been losing out events appearing worldwide due to current pandemic. However, we never lose hopes, we have been training so consistently towards improvement.

I am pretty sure that I will do wonders in my hard earned slot Ironman 70.3 World Championship'24, Taupo, New Zealand under your guidance !!

Shri Krishnan (India)

My name Is Yolandi Wiese, 54 years old and a grandmother. I love adventure and sport. I love running and have done a lot of marathons. I belong to Irene Running club and also TriFit multi-sport coaching for my swimming and latest addition Triathlons.

 I  met up with Telani end of 2019. She was my Pilates Instructor and moved away. I saw her on Facebook again. She had just won Africa Champs for Triathlon Short course. I had been thinking of starting up with my swimming. She invited me to come and swim and there our road started together.

 In just 3 short months she got me ready for SA swimming champs, where I silver medal for 50m backstroke and gold and two bronze medals for relays.

I qualified for World Swimming champs but due to COVID we could not go. I am also a runner and we decided to try Triathlons. I got me a bike and we started training, but I got COVID on two occasions so I missed out on my 1st triathlon, I am starting my training again after 5 months of post COVID, so hoping for the best.

 Telani use the latest technology to send your programs. I do not train with her in person but on line. We use Training peaks and I have a Suunto watch. So after each training it pulls through to the app and she can see my stats. I have daily feedbacks from Telani to either motivate or correct or give advice where I can improve or to get of my butt and train harder. She a peoples person and because she competes also she knows what we  go through and what we need to do to get to our goals and personal bests.

 I cannot wait to see what I can achieve in the future with her help.

Yolandi Wiese (Centurion)